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Travel 5000 Miles with ATV Wagon

Specially designed for hauling your
ATV camping, fishing or hunting gear
in wet weather or over dusty trails

The ATV trailer's lightweight aluminum body is sealed to protect your valuable cargo while keeping the dust and water out. Thanks to a fully TIG welded body and weather sealed lid, your gear is well protected and stable over the roughest of terrain. High performance features you will not find in any other ATV trailer such as independent suspension and huge 25" tires. To complete the package, there’s a gas shock on the hinged lid for easy opening, a cargo rack, locking latches, tie down "D" rings, a taillight/brake light and a fuel can holder. Check it out, you can't find another UTV pull behind trailer with all these features-anywhere!

A"This thing is a party on wheels.
It not only gets the gear to the
campsite, it brings the bacon
and the beverages too.

Mud Magazine- June '06
Read the Product Review from Mud Magazine
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SPECIFICATIONS (Click Here for metric)
- Lightweight yet durable
  Aluminum Body
- Fully TIG welded, weather
  sealed body
- Powder Coated 2” x 2” Steel
- Independent Suspension
- Heavy Duty 800 lb Axle with
  Tapered Roller Bearings
- Tires: 25” x 12” x 9”
- High 11” Ground Clearance
- Hinged Lid with Gas Shock
- Cargo Rack
- Locking Lid Latches
- “D” Ring Tie-Downs

- Drain Plug
- Gas Can Holder
- Brake/Taillight
- Optional electric
 (Fuel Can Not Included)
 47”W x 89”L x 44” H Bed:
 45”W x 49” L x 24” H
Inside & Outside Dimensions
Volume: 23 Cubic ft.
GVWR: 800 lbs.
Weight Empty: 258 lbs.

The Rugged,

800 Aluminum ATV Trailer
Tremendous Value:
- Independent suspension
- Huge 25" tires
- All aluminum body
- Two Inch Steel frame
- Powder coated finish
- Brake/tail light
- Hinged lid with gas
- Cargo rack
- Fuel can holder
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The 800 AL ATV Wagon sells for $1499.99 USD.
Freight, set-up and delivery not included. Prices may vary by dealer.

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