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Product Test- ATV Wagon by Bosski
By the staff of Mud Magazine

MUD- May/June 2006:
Once again we got our hands on another very cool product. It’s the ATV Wagon by Bosski, and we couldn’t wait to put through one of our Mud Magazine torture tests. We elected to test the recreational version of the ATV Wagon and with good reason. It’s got a water-tight seal on the lid keeping all the gear dry. This thing is a party on wheels. It not only gets the gear to the campsite, it brings the bacon and the beverages too. Bosski offers trailers in both utility and recreational models ranging in size and payload capacities.

It’s work before play, so lets get down to business. The utility version of the ATV Wagon is available in single axle or tandem axle. Starting from the ground up, all the models are equipped with All-Terrain 25x12x9 tires. The solid axle has all wheel independent torsion suspension and a four-bolt hub with sealed bearings. The frame is made up of square tubular steel and powder coated for corrosion resistance. The cargo box itself is designed from heavy gauge steel with a double-hinged tailgate equipped with steel cable supports. The single axle is rated at 800 lbs. GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) and weighs 323 lbs. leaving room for 477 lbs. of cargo.

The tandem axle comes standard with the electric lift, aiding in unnecessary trips to the chiropractor. The electric lift controls mount right on the handle bar for easy operation. Big Dog (1600 UT) utilizes a 1600 lbs. GVWR and tips the scale at 539 lbs. making it capable of hauling 1061 lbs. of what ever fits the bill for a hard days work. The utility line-up, though it was not tested first hand, appears to be very well built and capable of handling all the abuse that it’s rated for.

Well, here we are, the trailer with 1000 uses, but first let’s talk about the design. The frame, much like the utility version, has very heavy duty tube steel and welded construction. The box is made out of 1/8” thick aluminum welded at all the seams. It’s equipped with an aluminum rack bolted to the lid for extra hauling capacities up top, along with a gas can holder on the hitch. The overall design of the trailer is sound and very rigid.

So how does one actually test a trailer? Well, we decided to put it through some circumstances similar to what a rugged trail or woodsy adventure might present. On a rugged trail there might be rocks, or water, maybe a river and you know there’s going to be mud. On the woodsy adventure there’s all of what I just mentioned except all those dry dead branches that we drug this thing through that let out the fingernails on the chalk board screech. Even as bad as that was there were no dents from banging it off the trees and downed limbs.

And the mud-n-water would not penetrate the “water tight seal” even while spinning the tires at 25 m.p.h. throwing rocks, mud, and debris at this thing the seal held up. Very impressive! If you need something to stay dry inside-- like your clothes and the sleeping bag, IT WILL! A handy little feature on the lid latches is the threaded adjustable latch hooks. If the weather strip looses its seal, tighten ‘er up.

Now that we got the water-proof thing ironed out let’s get creative. Now we mentioned earlier that the ATV Wagon is a party on wheels, so lets ponder that for a while. What can we do to add some fun to this thing? How about a sound system? No groupie intervention is ever complete without some kickin’ tunes. A couple of 10” subs, some tweeters, a CD player and a 600 watt amp. Now it’s getting cool.

Another very cool thing about the ATV Wagon, it’s got a drain plug in the back. Now that’s a lot of ice and, ummmm, 12 oz. cans. Not to mention brats, burgers, and what ever else some one might need for the weekend outings. We have even conceived a way to mount a stainless steel grill on a swing arm off the back of this thing. Now I’m not saying go out and buy an ATV Wagon and cut holes in it for sub-woofers, but the usefulness and possibilities are endless, which ends us up with a trailer with a thousand uses.

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