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Below is a listing of our most popular accessories for your new ATV Wagon trailer.

Add-Ons Description Price

3 Year Extended Warranty for 800 models

3 Year Extended Warranty for 1600 models

Already own a trailer? You may still qualify for the coverage- learn more here, plus coverage terms, including the Dealer/Consumer Form .



Wireless Remote Control for 1600 UT

Dump your trailer without always going back to the ATV. Speed and ease of use makes this a must have. Features a tough key chain remote for instant access, transmits up to 100 feet with all weather/sealed components. Includes easy install kit.


Wireless Transmitter
When you order the Wireless Remote Control Kit- you can upgrade to 2 or even 3 key fobs. Place one on every one of your quads- convenient for UTV owners due to fast installation. (Must order extra transmitters with remote control kit)

4-Pole Wire Harness & 30 Amp Fuse
If your trailer has the Wireless Dump and you need another ATV to operate the trailer, be sure to order Part 1837 & Part 1833. Installation is a snap.

$30.00 each



Tire/Wheel combo

Your work or your adventure can not be stopped with a flat tire. Add confidence and security with a matching spare/tire wheel assembly.


ATV Side Wiring Kit for 1600 UT

If you need to have more than one quad operate the trailer brakes or use the Power RAM on the 1600UT, this is the kit for you. Comes with everything you need.


Fuel Can Holder (Container not included)

The Aluminum Fuel Can Holder carries any standard 5-6 gallon container- perfect for those extra long trips. Place them in the back of your truck, flat bed trailer, or on the tongue of an ATV Wagon trailer.

Dual Fuel Can Holder

Dual Fuel Can Brackets & Hardware

When you run out of gas, your fun comes to a screeching halt. Now you can double your fun with our new Dual Fuel Can Bracket kit. Haul more water or more fuel for all of your needs.
The steel brackets are predrilled to mount on the tongue of an ATV Wagon trailer. Comes with hardware; fuel can holders sold separately.

Stake Pocket

Stake Pocket & Hardware

Accepts nominal 1x2’s to give you extra height in your trailer bed, for picking trash, sagebrush, yard debris, etc. Made of 14G steel, powder coated in a special black hammer finish, comes with mounting hardware.


D-Ring Assembly- Rubber Dipped- Large

When you're on the go and items need to be strapped down, there are never enough places to hook straps. Simply drill 2 holes and bolt the D-Rings anywhere you wish.


We offer every item on our trailer from our vast parts supply. Please call us for any part you need.

We also appreciate your input on new accessories or items for our trailers that you think we should carry. We would love to hear from you.

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