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Travel 5000 Miles with ATV Wagon

Product Reviews

Off Road.com

"The quality of the product is TOP NOTCH and the VALUE is unbeatable!"
1600UT Product Review from Off Road.com

Hunting Illustrated Magazine

"I would have to say that this is the best trailer I have ever used behind an ATV - period. There is no other trailer on the market, at this point, that can compare. The money that this trailer costs is worth every penny if quality and ruggedness is an issue. "
1600AL Product Review from Hunting Illustrated

4x4 Review.com
"Hunters should be able to pack their gear inside and have enough capacity to strap a fully-dressed deer on the top...the ATV Wagon is an extremely well-crafted trailer that will provide years of trouble-free use."
800AL Product Review from 4x4 Review.com

QUAD Off Road Magazine
"...the ATV Wagon performed like a charm and proved its toughness as we took it through some pretty rough terrain."
1600AL Product Review from QUAD

ATV Product Tests
"Perfect size Wagon for my ATV"
800UT Review from ATV Product Tests


"... this is one of the best built, most rugged ATV trailers we have ever seen or used.
1600AL Product Review from Dirtwheels Magazine

MUD Magazine
"This thing is a party on wheels. It not only gets the gear to the campsite, it brings the bacon and the beverages too."
800AL Product Review from MUD Magazine

ATV Television
"The trailer tows surprisingly well as it follows right in the ATV's tire tracks, and the trailer brakes made the downhills an easy task."
1600AL Product Review by ATV Television

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