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05/23/08 : Trailers for Trails Taking Off. Created in late 2006, the manufacturer of the famous ATV Wagon trailers, Bosski Inc. introduced their donation program called ‘Trailers for Trails’. So far dozens and dozens of pull behind ATV trailers have been put to work with local recreation clubs. (Read the whole story)

11/19/07 : Navy SEALS choose ATV Wagon trailers. The Naval Special Warfare Center recently purchased a few ATV Wagon trailers made by Bosski. The high performance trailer models were the 1600UT and the 1600AL, both tandem heavy haulers. The units were delivered to the Navy in Norfolk, VA.
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ATV Wagon trailers expand into Australia.
Bosski Inc, manufacturer of high performance pull-behind trailers, has teamed up with Apache Trading Post of Murrurundi to supply Bosski’s trailers in Australia! At last, Aussie consumers and dealers can get their hands on a trailer that matches the capability and power of their machines. (Read the whole story)

: Bosski Donates ATV Wagon trailers to New England Club. The Berkshire Trail Riders Club was honored recently as the first recipient of Bosski’s Trailers for Trails Program. In sponsorship with Fisk Distributing and Enfield Motorsports, the club was able to acquire two 1600 Utility ATV Wagon trailers even though the non-profit group had limited funds.
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7/11/07: When CBH Homes needed to move equipment, supplies, and water for ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition, they turned to Bosski, and their line of ATV Wagon trailers. Keith Evans of Bosski explains, "John Carr of CBH Homes came to us and said he could really use our large trailers at the construction site of Extreme Makeover. We enjoy giving back to the community, so how could we say no". (Read the whole story)

1/25/07: Jeff Engel, avid outdoorsman, hunter, and host of Engel’s Outdoor Experience has finally found an ATV trailer that meets his needs. Jeff Engel explains in more detail. “The ATV Wagon is the most dependable and durable trailer I have ever used."
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12/21/06: Bosski Inc, manufacturers of the high performance ATV Wagon trailers, is pleased to announce the launch of the Trailers for Trails Program. The program is open to all non-profit associations and ATV clubs in Canada and the US to expand, maintain and enhance the safety of ATV trails.
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4/1/06: ATV Wagon featured in Dirt Wheels magazine. "... this is one of the best built, most rugged ATV trailers we have ever seen or used. If heavy hauling is a mainstay of what you want an ATV to do, then the ATV Wagon is the way to go."
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2/21/06: ATV Wagon becomes the "Official Work Wagon of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails. “When our Trail Managers saw the ATV Wagons,they knew the 1600 Utility trailer would be the perfect work tool for us,” says Jeff Lusk, Executive Director of the trail system. “The heavy-duty design of the 1600 model is going to make trail maintenance a breeze..” (Read the whole story)


9/15/2005: ATV Wagon gives away a trailer. Congratulations to Danny Lasco of Trevor, WI as the winner of the award winning 1600 Utility ATV Wagon trailer! (Read the whole story)


4/19/05: ATV Wagon Exclusive Trailer of Quad Masters—“ATV Wagon is proud to be associated with QuadMasters ATV Challenge tour as the official pull-behind trailer for their events,” announces Keith Evans, Sales & Marketing Director for ATV Wagon." (Read the whole story)


2/21/05: Expo Award winning trailer debuts at Dealer Expo-- Making it’s first time showing at the Indianapolis Dealer Expo, the 1600 Utility ATV Wagon impressed many with it’s superior features. “Everyone loved the Power RAM’s ability to dump the wagon’s bed with the handlebar switch. Simply push the handlebar buttons to raise & lower the bed without ever getting off the ATV”. (Read the whole story)

11/22/04: 1600 Utility voted "Most Innovative Product of the Year" The 1600 Utility ATV Wagon by Bosski, Inc. received the top number of votes to win the prestigious Expo Award at the 2004 ATV Expo. This award gives the impressive distinction of, "Most Innovative New Product of the Year"! (Read the whole story)

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