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1600 Utility ATV Wagon voted "Most Innovative Product of the Year"

November 22, 2004--- The 1600 Utility ATV Wagon by Bosski, Inc. received the top number of votes to win the prestigious Expo Award at the 2004 ATV Expo. This award gives the impressive distinction of, "Most Innovative New Product of the Year"!

Over 5000 people attended the first ever ATV Expo held in Louisville in mid October and nearly 25 products were entered in the New Product Showcase. The 1600 Utility ATV Wagon beat out other entries from companies such as Kolpin, Kymco, John Deere, and Swisher.

“Consumers and dealers love the 1600 Utility due to its tremendous features and suggested price of $1399, plus retailers are making high margins on these pull-behind trailers,” said John Boguslawski, President of Bosski, Inc.

The 1600 Utility is one of four base models available from ATV Wagon. The award winner carries up to a gross vehicle capacity of 1600 pounds with 22 cubic feet of room, and uses a Power RAM cylinder to easily dump its bed. Simply push the handlebar switch to raise & lower the bed without ever getting off the ATV —the workhorse 1600 Utility trailer can shorten any ‘honey-do’ list.

The Expo Award winner is outfitted with power brakes for the steep hills and comes with a brake/tail light for extra safety on those late evening chores. Large 25” tires, a powder coated steel frame & body, and a double hinged tailgate are more reasons why the 1600 Utility trailer is the “Most Innovative Product of the Year’!

ATV Wagons are simply the best pull-behind ATV trailers on the market. Available from 15 distributors and hundreds of dealers worldwide.

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