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Scratch & Dent

Every so often we have special offers on scratch and dent ATV Wagon trailers.
Heck, you were going to throw rock or timber into the back of it anyway, so maybe there is a trailer for you listed below:

All sales are final and quantity is strictly limited to stock on hand, so call now
as these special savings usually don't last long! All items are brand new-
never used and come with their original Bosski Built Warranty.
Model Details Price

1600UT -Green ($1699 Sug. Ret.)

Small rub marks on the top rails of the trailer bed, other wise like new condition. No dents or scratches can be found.

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*Free Depot Shipping
Some products may qualify for our Free Depot Shipping available in the lower 48 states and may not be available in all areas. We simply ship your item to the nearest trucking depot near you, there's probably one just down the road from you now. Most will load your trailer into your vehicle, you will need to have a pickup truck or trailer to get your new tool home, and you may need to schedule a pick up time.

Regular Shipping
For the lowest cost on freight, we need to ship your new trailer to a commercial business location that has a truck dock or fork lift. Possibly your place of work, friend's work, or spouse's work location can receive the motor carrier freight to save you money. We also can save costs by shipping to the local trucking depot near you, then you can go pick it up. Residential delivery is available direct to your driveway, special charges apply.

Please call for exact freight quotes or email us your address and postal code.

Don't See Your Favorite Model Listed?

We may have some models that are not posted online so give us a call.
Please contact us at 208-455-8433 or email: sales@atvwagon.com

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