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Fill out the 3-Year Warranty form below and
get protected from the rising costs of parts!

Whether you are a new owner of an ATV Wagon trailer or plan on getting yours next week, enjoy peace of mind and extend your warranty to a full 3 years from the date of purchase.

  • Future Owner? When you buy your new trailer just tell your
    sales rep you want the Bosski Built 3 Year Extended Warranty.
  • Recent Owner? Simply submit the registration form below and
    a sales person will follow up with you. You may also choose to
    download the Extended Warranty form, complete it, and then mail
    it along with your payment and proof of purchase to us. Extended
    Warranties may also be purchased from your authorized Bosski dealer.
800 Models- only $79
for 3 year warranty
1600 Models- only $149
for 3 year warranty

The ATV Wagon trailer’s Optional Extended Warranty applies to the original purchaser only and may not be assigned or transferred to subsequent owners. Extended warranty adds two additional years to the included one year warranty giving the owner a total 3 years of coverage. Coverage is identical to the standard manufacturer’s warranty. During the period of warranty, Bosski, Inc. will repair or replace any parts covered by the warranty that are deemed by us or by one of our authorized stocking dealers to be defective in materials or workmanship. Periodic replacement of normally wearing parts is the responsibility of the owner. During the warranty period the warranty holder is responsible for machine transportation charges, if required. Does not cover damage from neglect, abuse, or use that is inconsistent with instructions in the Owner’s Manual. Attachments and accessories not included. * Normally wearing parts include: tires, brakes, etc. Proof of purchase must be issued by the reseller. U.S. customers only.

Please complete the form below: (Dealers- don't forget the grey section)

State Valid for US based customers only
Serial Number - found on metal plate on front of trailer frame
Date of Purchase
Dealer Name
Invoice #

Download the Extended Warranty PDF form.

Questions? Contact our Sales department at 208-455-8433.

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