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ATV Wagon - Official Trailer of Hatfield-McCoy Trails

2/21/06: “When our Trail Managers saw the ATV Wagon trailers displayed during our Dirt Days event, they knew the 1600 Utility Wagon would be the perfect work tool for us,” says Jeff Lusk, Executive Director of the trail system. “The heavy-duty design of the 1600 model is going to make trail maintenance a breeze for our field techs.”

With over 500 miles of trails, Hatfield McCoy should fall in love with the features of the 1600 Utility trailers. The wagon is loaded with high performance features not found on any other tow-behind ATV trailer: power brakes, 25” tires, tail/brake light, and a Power RAM cylinder which dumps over a thousand pounds. The trailer also offers all-wheel independent suspension to handle the rough stuff, plus high speed tapered wheel bearings.

“Our field guys have tried other trailers out on the trails, but none of them lasted very long on the terrain,” said Mike Pinkerton , Hatfield-McCoy’s Marketing Director. “The ATV Wagon trailer is built much stronger than the others we’ve tried, and I think it will prove time and again why it’s the “Official Work Wagon” of the trail system.” A powder coated steel frame & body with a double hinged tailgate are more reasons why the 1600 Utility impressed Hatfield McCoy and hundreds as the “Most Innovative Product of the Year’ at the ATV Expo. The 1600 Utility ATV Wagon received the top number of votes from thousands of consumers and dealers to win the prestigious Expo Award.

“Trail maintenance is a big concern for riding clubs, public riding areas, and trail systems like Hatfield McCoy; therefore, we are proud to assist them,” says Keith Evans, Powersports Group Manager for Bosski, the manufacturer of ATV Wagon- high performance trailers. Evans’ support continues, “Hatfield McCoy will continue to host and develop world class trail events and we will be there to assist them as their “Official Work Wagon”.

ATV Wagon by Bosski



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