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Navy SEALS choose ATV Wagon trailers

11/19/07 : The Naval Special Warfare Center recently purchased a few ATV Wagon trailers made by Bosski. The high performance trailer models were the 1600UT and the 1600AL, both tandem heavy haulers. The units were delivered to the Navy in Norfolk, VA.

The Navy would not elaborate on the use of the ATV Wagon trailers, but it is likely they will be mainly used for Navy SEAL training. Since 1962, the SEALs have distinguished themselves as a reliable, disciplined, and adept maritime force. Their training is considered by many military experts to be the toughest in the world.

“We feel fortunate that our trailers are being so well received by the various government customers, specifically the elite SEALs. Our trailer was designed for the average Joe, but it is tough enough for the military—that is very exciting”, exclaims Keith Evans of Bosski.

ATV Wagon trailer’s story is quite opposite of Hummer’s military to consumer transition. AM General won an initial US Army contract to produce the HMMWV-- the "Humvee" as it was nicknamed by the troops. Soon the company offered a civilian vehicle and one of the first customers was Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger- the Terminator. Bosski’s ATV Wagon was never designed for the military, but the demanding government customers like the civilian designed ATV Wagon. Evans comments, “The military realizes our trailer is the best, and they need the best”.

Another defense contractor, XLRC Inc ordered ATV Wagon trailers for the Air Force earlier this year. Apparently the high performance trailers were being tested behind a new ATV diesel vehicle, which some sources speculate was the new Arctic Cat 700 4x4 Diesel.

The US military, BLM, National Forest Service, and the National Parks are just a handful of government groups who depend on the durability and dependability of ATV Wagon trailers.

Bosski makes the best ATV pull-behind trailers on the market, and if there good enough for the Navy SEALs, they are probably good enough for you.

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