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Bosski Introduces the Trailers for Trails Program

12/21/06: Bosski Inc, manufacturers of the high performance ATV Wagon trailers, is pleased to announce the launch of the Trailers for Trails Program.

The program is open to all non-profit associations and ATV clubs in Canada and the US to expand, maintain and enhance the safety of ATV trails.

“The maintenance of riding trails is expensive—nearly every riding club is a group of volunteers with minimal funding,” said Keith Evans of Bosski. “Our Trailers for Trails program will allow the club to own an ATV Wagon trailer at a charitable value. They need dependable and durable trailers, so we are happy to donate to their cause.”

Evans expands, “Many trail organizations have contacted us wishing they had one of our rugged trailers in their equipment shed, now their wishes will come true.”

ATV Wagon trailers are in use at many off-road trail systems throughout North America, including the prestigious 500 mile and growing Hatfield-McCoy Trail System of West Virginia.

Levels of sponsorship will vary according to each group, their needs, and funds available. The ATV Wagon distributor, in cooperation with the participating dealer, will work directly with the ATV club.

“Without trails, there would be no place to ride, and if there’s no place to ride, then we can’t enjoy the backcountry and get away from it all,” says Evans.

All applicants must be a 501non-profit group. For more information or an application form, log on to the ATV Wagon website at www.atvwagon.com and click on the ‘News’ button.

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Trailers for Trails Application- Word Document

Trailers for Trails Application- PDF Document

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