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The idea for the ATV Wagon trailer began a decade ago in the harsh and unforgiving land of the midnight sun. Conditions in Alaska often demand high performance products to meet the special needs encountered there. Wilderness is often just out the back door. Repair shops and service stations are not around every corner. A trailer designed for use in Alaska must be tough and durable. Meeting these demands became the guiding light in the design and development of the ATV Wagon quad trailer.

The original 800 Utility is similar to the 800 UT-X ATV trailer that we produce today. We have added many high performance trailer features such as larger wheels and and the biggest tires in it's class. A powder coated finish, and safety lights, plus the Strong Arm Dump System round out the design, but the rugged suspension and body are essentially unchanged.

As the popularity of the original single axle dump trailer grew, other models were added to fulfill the increasing demands from ATV owners who used their machines for recreation or to get a job done. ATV Wagon trailers are found all across the United States and many foreign countries. Wherever you decide to take your next adventure, remember, your trailer has the heritage to handle the load and meet the demands.

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