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Day 6- I Wanna Go Home

7-20-06 Thurs

Mile: 980

We woke up at about 7am a couple miles down river from Orofino. The bartender let me follow her car here since it was hard to find in the dark. The people I camped next to had a dog that wouldn’t shut up all night.

The song “I Wanna Go Home” by George Jones is playing on XM radio. How funny. One of the locals tells me that the company “Light Force” that makes my driving lights is 2 miles down the road. Good – I lost the lens covers. Now “on the road again” – Willie Nelson is on the radio. Well – I better pack up so I can get to the Yamaha dealer.

I caught lunch then headed out around 2pm or so. A few miles out – I came across the dent bridge. It is the longest suspension bridge in Idaho. Late afternoon I stopped in Elk River, Idaho where I hiked several miles to see 3 waterfalls.

Around 6pm, I drove about 12 miles out of town to see the largest cedar tree in the U.S. Around 8:30pm I ended up in Bovil, Idaho. So here I sit – drinkin Corona’s. The locals have me all lined out for the next day.

Oh I almost forgot – a couple miles from here, I came upon an accident. Some guy was drinkin’ & drivin’. He T-boned the guard rail. In Elk River I visited – sheesh – I already wrote about that! I think the sun got to me.

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