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Day 9- What Happened to Day 8?

Well – it’s Sunday morning 23 rd of July.

Yesterday morning, at about 6am on Day 8, I was taken by ambulance to Kellog, Idaho. I was hypothermic @ 94º body temperature. They discharged me late a.m. The owner of the R.V. Park “Don” drove to pick me up & dropped me off @ the Ryan Motel in Wallace.

They just finished up with a huge ATV Jamboree. The Yamaha representative at the R.V. Park watched my dog while I was in the hospital.

(Editors note- Nathan explained that he may have suffered elevation sickness in the high mountains of Idaho which he was not use to. Combine that with late nights, little rest, dehydration, and the cooler mountain temperatures, it eventually led him to one experience he never wants to repeat.)


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