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The lightweight aluminum body, hinged weather sealed lid with gas shock and locking latches all protect your cargo while keeping the elements out. With 1.3 cubic meters of interior cargo space, a cargo rack plus a gas can holder, you can take the long road back. The fully independent suspension and 63 cm tires make navigating rough terrain easy and safe. A heavy duty powder coated steel frame combines with a lightweight, aluminum body to provide outstanding durability with easy towing. Plus with the electric brakes you'll have all the needed stopping power for almost any load and condition.

- Lightweight yet durable
  Aluminum Body
- Fully TIG welded, weather
  sealed body
- Powder Coated 5 x 5 cm
  Steel Frame
- Independent Suspension
- Heavy Duty
363 kg tandem
  axle with Tapered Roller
- Tires:
63 x 30 x 23 cm
- High 28 cm Ground
- Hinged Lid with Gas Shock
- Cargo Rack
- Locking Lid Latches

- “D” Ring Tie-Downs
- Electric brakes
- Brake/Taillight
- Gas Can Holder
(Fuel Can Not Included)
 119 W cm x 277 L cm
 x 119 H cm
 114 W cm x 185 L cm
 x 61 H cm

Volume: 1.3 Cubic m
727 kg
Weight Empty:
153 kg

Hunting, Fishing, Exploring, Hualing...
Bring It Anywhere

1600 Aluminum
Tremendous Value:
- Independent suspension
- 63 cm tires
- Electric brakes (brake
  controller included)
- All aluminum body
- Powder coated steel
- Hinged lid with gas
- Cargo rack
- Fuel can holder
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