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Day 11 Part II -Goal Accomplished

7-25-06 Tues

Mile: 1,604

It is 11pm “mountain time” & about 70º degrees. I’m south of Libby , Montana off Hwy 56 at some lakeside campground. It’s amazing how long after the sun sets at 8:30pm or so – that it stays twilight for almost 2 hrs after.

I’m in both of my sleeping bags on the lid of the ATV Wagon trailer. Sadie is laying on her bed next to me while I write by flashlight. I caught her eating dead fish earlier & now she smells like it! I’ve really got to give her a bath tomorrow.

When I first pulled in here, I had to plug 2 of my tires. The 3rd “right front” on the bike keeps going flat. I’ll deal with it in the morning.

I finally took a picture of the Canada sign today @ Port Hill off Hwy 1 – Idaho . The border patrol looked at me funny when I told him my story.

I can hear the fish biting at the lake. It is so quiet out here.

In the middle of the night, Sadie jumps into bed with a dead fish. Reminds me of an ex! O.k., that was bad.

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