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Day 12- Even Paradise Has It's Problems

7-26-06 Wed

Mile: 1,768

After repairing the right front tire on the bike, I rode south east to Thompson Falls, Montana off Hwy 200, I’m waiting on laundry right now then I think I’ll go next door for a haircut.

After climbing a 9-mile grade, I had to put two plugs in the left front trailer tire. On the way down the hill I saw 10 – 15 deer in a meadow. Around dark I ended up in Alberton off Hwy 90 Montana.

While making camp, I went to open the lid of the trailer & noticed the 8lb. bag of dog food I bought earlier – had ripped open. Now I have a spare tire full of dog food! The night got even better when I was woke up about 6 times by the train going by. That’s a hell of a way to come out of a bad dream.

The elevation here is about 3,020’ feet. I don’t think it got below 65º degrees or so. It is still around 105º degrees in the day. There is a little bit of wildfire smoke from the fires southeast of here.

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