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Day 13- Bitterroot Valley, Montana

7-27-06 Thurs

Mile: 1,858

I left Alberton around 10am or so. I took a 20 mile dirt road south hoping I wasn’t going to have any tire problems. I ended up on Hwy 93 about 8 miles south of Missoula, MT. Heading south, I pulled into a Les Schwab tire store. The wanted $48.00 dollars to put on my new tires. I kindly declined with a grumble as I walked out of the store.

I found a small shop down the road where they let me change my tires out for $20.00 dollars. After a BLT sandwich across the street in Victor, MT, I went south to Hamilton and got a room for the night. Sadie had a bed for herself.

(Editors note: You may have noticed that Nathan's Day 1 journal stated 'Reno to Canada', because that was his original goal. But as he started to head south, he began to ponder the possibilities of going farther. He made it to the Canadian border in a short amount of time and now that he was licensed from the DMV...he really could go anywhere. It was during this pondering that he made the decision to travel east and go to Sturgis.)

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