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Day 14- Welcome to the Continental Divide...elevation 7,500 feet

7-28-06 Fri

Mile: 1955

The motel was so comfy, I slept in & got a late start on the day. I made my way south & out of the smoke down Hwy 93 over the continental divide. That was a pretty good climb – topping out at around 7500’ feet or so.

Instead of dropping down to Salmon, Idaho – I cut eastward to Wisdom, Montana where they had a gun show going on. Then off to Jackson, Montana where I’m at now staying at a $10.00 tent site behind a lodge.

I’m in what they call the “Big Hole Valley”. On the west side is the Bitterroot Mountains. The Nez Perce Indians had a big battle here. This is also Lewis & Clark country.


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