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Day 4- $130...That's a Lot of Fuel

7-18-06 Tues

Mile: 762

It’s about 11pm in White Bird, Idaho. I made camp at a small RV Park next to the Salmon River. For $8.00 I get a campsite, shower, & laundry room. I want to go on one of those whitewater boat tours, but its about $130.00. That’s a lot of fuel. I better not. Besides, what would I do with my girl? (Sadie, the dog)

I met somebody as crazy as me today. I pulled into a roadside fruitstand and this guy was riding a bicycle from Virginia to Oregon.

Hold on – I’ve gotta wind up my flashlight. “I’m running out of Jack Daniels, Houston – we have a problem!”

I think tomorrow I’ll head for Washington. Good nite.

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