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Day 3- Explaining My Insanity

7-17-06 Mon

Mile: 632

This morning started out with a $2.00 shower behind a gas station. You guessed it, Sadie (the dog) got one too whether she liked it or not!

We left Jordan Valley, Oregon around 9am heading North on Hwy 95. The next 160 miles or so was all pavement. Nobody up here seems to care whether I drive the quad on the street or not.

We made camp around 6pm in Cambridge, Idaho – where I downed a few at the local tavern and tried to explain my insanity to the locals. I set up under a big tree behind the rodeo grounds, conveniently placed by the bar.

Around 12pm these 4 kids in a car kept shining their lights in our direction. I loaded up and chased them down. Of course the police siren I hooked up on the bike for a horn only made them speed off faster. It was sort of comical. Sadie was so tired she didn’t even bark at them.

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