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Day 2- God, Please Get Me Over This Mountain

7-16-06 Sun

Mile: 477

I found that a rabbit in Oregon can go 5 mph faster by pinning it’s ears back! Aerodynamics I guess-- 40mph were some of the faster ones.

I hooked up with a couple in Orovada, NV – who let me use some tools to replace my CV boot.

After fueling in Mcdermitt, NV - @ 2pm or so, I spent hours trying to get over the pass. I winched out twice. Almost rolled the bike once. After airing the tires down to less than 1 PSI, I thought I’d tear the tread right off the tires.

For a moment there, I was telling God all the stuff I’d stop doing if he’d just get me up this mountain! Oh - & God, if you’re listening, that one about not drinkin’, can I have that one back?

At around 2am I rode into Jordan Valley, Oregon - & made camp behind the local rodeo grounds.

That sun comes up way too early!

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