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Day 1

Reno to Canada 7-15-06 Sat.

Mile: 293

I need a drink! Sadie & I made it just north of Winnemucca, NV. I was so busy packing the bike last night til 2 am that I kept falling asleep while driving.

Somewhere around Gerlach, NV I ran over a piece of bailing twine & wrapped it around the left rear outboard CV boot. All the grease is gone. This happened almost 200 miles ago. Hopefully it holds up a few more miles.

I met up with a guy in Winnemucca who opened up the Yamaha store & brought me a universal CV boot. I hope it fits.

My poor dog Sadie looks like I tied her to the back of the ATV Wagon trailer & dragged her the whole way! She looks pretty funny trying to sleep while we’re moving. Then again, I’m sure I do too!

............................................... Day 2

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Interview with Nathan Beck"

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