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You won’t find a stronger, more feature loaded ATV pull behind trailer at any price. Anywhere!
Engineered and manufactured for versatility, durability and pure enjoyment. There’s
an ATV Wagon in the Bosski line that’s just right for your sporting, hobby or utility needs:

  • Independent suspension provides a smooth ride over rough terrain
  • Heavy Duty 363 kg axles with tapered roller bearings
  • Large 63 x 30 x 23 cm tires handle the heavy loads and increase ground clearance
  • 5 x 5 cm heavy duty steel frame
  • Durable steel body on the Utility models
  • Fully TIG welded, weather tight bodies on the Aluminum models ensure maximum protection from the elements
  • All steel parts are powder coated for extreme durability and rust resistance
  • Tail/brake lights standard on all models for safety
  • Built to take the heavy loads, yet agile and nimble to get there and back
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